The brand

*Aimez, vivez Rouen Normandie !


One of the top ten metropolitan areas in France, Rouen has the added advantage of exceptional assets and attractiveness, from its outstanding cultural heritage to the pioneering nature of the fast-changing region in which the city is located, forming a perfect environment for dynamic, innovative people to fully express their talent.

Backed by stakeholders in every sector, from business to tourism, culture, sports and education, all forming and working to further that attractiveness, Enjoy Rouen Normandy is the result of a shared aim, to be represented by an equally strong regional brand.

The policies and actions taken to enhance the attractiveness of the Rouen metropolitan area are based on that ambition.

Proud of their city, the open-hearted people of Rouen intend to convey and promote their culture and values all under a single brand: Enjoy Rouen Normandy!