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Landing in Rouen: for a better integration of the international employees

Last October, NEOMA Business School and Rouen Normandy Invest launched the first edition of “Landing in Rouen”. This process aims at guaranteeing a successful integration of the international talents in the territory. The different actors involved in this process (schools, institutions, companies that employs international profiles and all the foreigners that work in the Rouen Normandy metropolis) met in order to work on these issues.This was the occasion for companies and employees to share their experiences and to network.

Many companies of the metropolis hire employees from all around the world. For this reason, it is very important to make actors of the territory sensitive to this integration issues but also to create synergies between businesses. The major objective of “Landing in Rouen” is to help and support international talents coming to our territory by introducing them to their new environment and by facilitating their adaptation.

Rouen Normandy Invest will set up a mentor program in order to welcome international talents the best way possible. This plan of action aims at giving a warm welcome to the expatriates by allowing them to meet, network and exchange ideas and information.

Interview of Mr. Panousis, Greek engineer living in Rouen