*Aimez, vivez Rouen Normandie !

The Rouen-based Citémômes association sets out to conquer New York City

Last year, the Citémômes association and its director Mathilde Milot, created a giant knitting canvas representing one of the Claude Monet’s masterpiece: Woman with a Parasol. Made out of a numberless knitted fabric pieces, this unique kind of work gathered hundreds of participants and traveled to amazed spectators in Rouen, Giverny, Paris and New York.

This year, the association decided to revive this adventure by creating a new work in knitting also inspired by Claude Monet, a true ambassador of Normandy. This time, they chose to represent The Water Lily Pond, major work of the painter. After months of collecting thousands of pieces and hundreds of hours sewing, the “painting” is finally ready to be unveil. For that purpose, it will cross the Ocean and land in New York City where it will be presented at the Vogue Knitting Live, the famous show organized by Vogue. This fair will take place from the 12th of January to the 14th at the New York Marquis Hotel, a couple of miles away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the original Water Lily Pond is. After the United States, the work will be exhibit, from the 8th to the 11th of February, at the Salon de l’Aguille en fête in Paris.


This “painting” is a real link between Normandy and New York as the bridge is a connection between lands. The Association hope that it well travel around the world to surprise and spread joy and amazement.

Citémômes launched into this adventure three years ago to share an expertise but also to connect and build bridges by developing a participative and intergenerational project.