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An alphabet exhibition to discover Marcel Duchamp

15/06 > 24/09

The Fine Art Museum of Rouen, working in partnership with the Pompidou centre, is holding an exhibition dedicated to Marcel Duchamp work, starting on June 15 and ending on September 24 of 2018. It marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the artist. This exhibition will be an opportunity to discover one of the most outstanding figures of the last century, often seen as the father of contemporary art, as well as his affection for the Rouen territory. It is in this framework that the Fine Art Museum is organising a large exhibition dedicated to his work. Thanks to the generosity of many private lenders, galleries and private individuals, exceptional lending will be presented, notably the most emblematic “ready-mades” of the artist. Come visit this great commemorative exhibition offered by the Fine Art Museum of Rouen!

Come discover Marcel Duchamp

ABC Duchamp, the exhibition created to understand Marcel Duchamp, allows you to discover the life and the art of one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Marcel Duchamp was born the 28th of July, 1887 in Blainville-Crevon, Normandy. He grew up and studied in Rouen were he drew many of his motives. The Rouen territory has been strongly marked by his presence. As a self-taught man, he was breaking the rules of traditional art of this area. With his creations, Duchamp took note, in the 1910’s, of the end of paint, consumed by centuries of experiments and pictorial movements which have succeeded one another in a frenetic pace. He was buried at the monumental cemetery of Rouen in 1968.

The Exhibition

Completed by the museum’s pieces and the never-before-seen archives, this alphabet style exhibition offers an introduction to Marcel Duchamp, allowing everyone to discover his art, which can be a brain-twister for some people. Along the process, one or two words will be associated to a letter in order to discover a bit more about the artist.

You will start your journey with the letter A. A for the Armory Show of 1913 in New York, the international exhibition of modern art where Duchamp created his first scandal with his “nu descendant un escalier n°2”. Then, all along the path, you will discover the history surrounding his life, through the letter C for his love of Coincidence, to the letter F for hid Family and the letter O for his Optical work, including the letter T for the Trips he made.

At the center of the exhibition, a room will be dedicated to watch the filmed interviews of the artist. This exhibition has also a children-parents trail full of surprises! Come enjoy it!

Marcel Duchamp

Fine Art Museum – Rouen
Full price 6€ / reduced price 3€ / free for those under 25